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Located on Tullamore Farms, a working grass-fed cattle and lamb farm on the Delaware River in Stockton, N.J., THE FARM COOKING SCHOOL is a destination for communal cooking, learning, and eating the freshest foods. The chefs, Ian and Shelley, are former colleagues at Gourmet Magazine and offer classes, dinners, workshops and events every week. On a beautiful October day a few weeks ago, the agents from our Montgomery office had an incredible “Cooking and Yoga Workshop” at the farm.  Special thanks to agents Alana Lutkowski and Amy Schaefer for their beautiful pictures, and to Cynthia Weshnack, the Manager of the Montgomery office, who coordinated the event with Ian and Shelley, and walked THE A-LIST through their day:

Cynthia Weshnack with the garden’s bounty!

“Our arrival/start time was 10am wherein we were greeted by two amazing former Gourmet Magazine chefs, Ian and Shelley. They explained how the meal would play out and off we went to the garden to pick some of the ingredients. The picking of the ingredients was an added treat that I had not anticipated! First stop was the garden where we picked the beets and the lettuce.”



“Second stop was the hen house for the farm fresh eggs.”



“Once we had our ingredients we went to work washing, chopping, measuring while guided by our top chefs. I would never have imagined taking a giant bowl of raw beets with the skins on and encrusting them in a 10 cup mud of sea salt and egg white mix and baking them in the oven for 1.5 hours but that is what we did!”

Lorna Drummond helps prepare the pasta.

“Some of us chopped for the salad while others prep the pasta dough while a few more worked on a chocolate tart.  All participated in the pasta making as all hands were needed on deck for the tagliatelle making.   It is a very long pasta and needed several people ready to catch it as it came out of the thinning equipment aka Kitchen Aide pasta maker!”

Alana Lutkowsi heads in from yoga class.

 “Once all that was chopped and cooking-beets, butternut squash, chocolate tart we went out into a field and had yoga instruction for 45 minutes. The yoga instructor was the sister of chef Ian. She had come in from NYC to teach the class. I was most grateful for the good weather as it might not have been as much fun on a rainy day.”


“After the yoga we came in and feasted family style around a beautifully set farm table with fresh cut flowers!”



“Ultimately, from my standpoint the outing was about team building and working together outside of the real estate arena. We achieved that for sure picking the vegetables fresh, making the pasta from scratch, preparing the rest of the meal and then the joy of the feast!”

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