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In the blink of an eye, summer has come and gone. The kids are back in school, football season is kicking off, and while it might not feel like it now, the weather will soon turn brisk. Luckily, for many, autumn is the best time of the year.

And this is especially true for residents of Central NJ.

Our brilliant scenery and bountiful fall harvests make for a picture-perfect fall experience. To help you make the most of the season and appreciate it in its full glory, we’ve prepared a list of autumn activities for the whole family.


Pick some apples

It’s not fall without an apple picking trip! A great way to get some fresh air and exercise, share some laughs, and reconnect with the earth, apple picking is the season’s quintessential activity. Terhune Orchards in Princeton offers daily apple pickings for the whole family. They’ve even got a winery that offers tastings and fruit wines made from their apple cider!


Go for a hayride

With Halloween on the horizon, there’s no better way to get into the spooky spirit of the season than by taking a haunted hayride. East Windsor’s Field of Terror, which opens on September 25th, is the state’s largest haunted attraction farm. At more than 120 acres of preserved farmland, this destination is sure to provide countless thrill, scares, and surprises to visitors.


Pick pumpkins for food or decoration

Whether you’re enjoying a pumpkin pie, carving a Jack-o-lantern, or using them to flavor any number of culinary creations, pumpkins make the season. Even their bright orange color screams “fall”! You can get all of the pumpkins you desire with a trip to Stult’s Farm in Cranbury, NJ. Since 1915, Stult’s has provided Central NJ with some of its finest produce, and starting in October, residents can roam its fields in search of the perfect pumpkin.


Get lost in a corn maze

Corn mazes are a longstanding fall tradition. Howell Farm in Lambertville, NJ is New Jersey’s longest running corn maze, and they keep visitors coming back year after year with constant innovations and new twists on this old favorite. This year’s theme is “Don’t Be a Chicken,” and you can be sure to “hatch” some great times at this perennial crowd pleaser.

Ghosthunting in Princeton
Ghost hunting in Princeton

See a ghost

It’s no secret that our area is one of the country’s most historic. And with this lengthy historic legacy comes ample opportunities for hauntings. The Princeton Ghost Tour delights visitors with a “ghost hunt” through the storied town’s battlegrounds, sites, and public spaces – complete with equipment straight out of Ghostbusters. Ranked by TripAdvisor as the top activity in Princeton, autumn is the perfect time for this spooky adventure!


Peep the leaves

Besides the drop in temperatures, brilliant foliage is the most widely observed sign of fall; each year, the landscape comes to life with bright reds, yellows, and oranges. Our area features no shortage of places to get outside and take in the gorgeous scenery as the leaves begin to change. All of the parks we explored in an earlier A-LIST entry offer great leaf views of the autumn landscape, and NJ’s official tourism site offers a week-by-week breakdown of the best places to go for those willing to journey a little further in their hunt for the best foliage.


Cook some fall treats

You’ll no doubt want to turn those apples and pumpkins that you picked, along with the rest of fall’s bounty, into delicious treats that reflect the season. You can find all the spices you need to marry the season’s crops into something marvelous (and delicious) at Princeton’s Savory Spice Shop. The store’s passionate, helpful staff can assist you in recreating the tastes and aromas of autumn in your own kitchen.

As summer fades, the good times don’t need to end. Indeed, fall offers a whole slew of new opportunities for people in the Greater Princeton area to get outside and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

This list is just a start, and there are countless fall activities right on our doorstep. So start planning now, and make sure that you can savor some of this magical season before the chaos of the holidays and winter’s frost!

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