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We proudly premiere the next video in our “Love Where You Live” Lifestyle Series… “Hosting The Perfect Pool Party” was filmed in collaboration with author and lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky. As we head into the holiday weekend, take just a minute or so to pick up some quick tips for making your next pool party the best ever!

Hosting a pool party can be fun and fabulous with just a few key preparations. Hosts often spend the entire party running in and out of the house gathering items for their guests. Instead of playing fetch, “Tray It Up”… Most home stores offer a variety of tray options that work well both indoors and outdoors. Having a stylish, easy way to efficiently transport a collection of items from the inside of your home to your outdoor entertaining space will enable the host spend more time at the party.

A­-List Essentials For Hosting the Perfect Pool Party:

Kitchen Carrier: Use a large tray with handles to hold your condiments, plates, napkins, and utensils inside until the party starts. You can assemble this tray hours in advance so it is ready to go when guests arrive. Simply carry it to your grill or outdoor dining area at mealtime. Makes for easy clean up, too!

Towel Transport: Provide your guests with plenty of extra towels. Choose one color that suits your poolside decor and place them all in a basket. If they are all the same color, it makes it easy for you and your guests to identify which towels remain at the house. Using a basket allows for easily transport from the linen closet out to the pool. After the party, reload the basket with used towels for a quick trip back to the laundry room.

Detailed Delivery: Successful entertaining is always in the details. Anticipating guests’ needs with a tray of summertime outdoor essentials like extra sunscreen, bug spray, swimming goggles, sun visors, band­aids, and even sunglasses will ensure your guests are comfortable and their various needs are met.

Pouring Poolside: ­This is the one time where plastic is perfect! Use another tray to set up a pretty plastic pitcher and tumblers to serve your guests a refreshing poolside sip.

As you can see, “Traying It Up” makes for easy transport of all sorts of pool party supplies between the house and your outdoor entertaining space. It not only helps keep you stylishly organized, but more importantly lets the host spend more time enjoying the party with their guests poolside. Enjoy!

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Maureen Petrosky appears regularly as a lifestyle expert on NBC’s Today Show. Author of The Wine Club and The Cocktail Club, and a popular columnist for,, and many more publications, Petrosky has a legion of fans who love her accessible and fun approach to making simple yet sophisticated recipes, parties, decorating, food and wine pairings, and, of course, cocktails. Petrosky is the ultimate hostess and the only lifestyle expert focused on helping young professionals, moms, neighbors, and co-workers bring their online social experiences to life with real-world social clubs inspired by her smart-chic book series, TV and spokesperson appearances, and regular editorial features including “The 10-Minute Happy Hour.”

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