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Hopefully you have already stumbled upon the sweetest spot in the Princeton Shopping Center, LiLLiPiES BAKERY.  If not, a visit to this small-batch bakery is a must.  Jen Carson opened her doors in the Summer of 2016, a goal she pursued from a lifetime built on her love of cooking and baking.

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“When I was growing up, holidays were spent around the table, with lots of great food and drink… Some of my fondest memories were baking with my mother who baked elaborate baked goods for every occasion. Baking and cooking were loving activities, a way to show that you cared.”

Armed with a degree from the French Culinary Institute, and a bake to order business that earned a nod from the Food Network in their “Great Pies from Coast to Coast” feature, LiLLiPiES came to fruition as Jen became eager to bake her breads and sweets for a larger audience.

 “I look at Princetonians as being an extension of my own personal family,” she says. “I am very particular about using good, fresh good ingredients — local ingredients whenever I can — and using proper technique. Our sourdough is fermented for 24 hours, giving it a rich, full flavor and amazing texture. And our pies absolutely celebrate the bounty of the season. We bake fresh and from scratch throughout the day, so that everything we serve is fresh and delicious. And we are more than baked goods. I apply my same standards of excellence to the salads and sandwiches we serve.”

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LiLLiPiES offers even more than its food and its flavor; it also provides a hospitable community space.  Jen offers classes ranging from bread making to cake baking and decorating; and thanks to her own passions, LiLLiPiES is proud to offer open mic time on weekends for burgeoning musicians looking for a friendly space to test out the waters. And to keep on top of your Princeton trivia, check out their monthly “featured” sandwich based on the favorite foods of notable Princetonians. Past honorees include The Trey Anastasio and The Damien Chazelle (a traditional Italian sub on a house-made Hoagie roll).

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