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Well, butter our bread … er … waffles, because Saturday, August 24 is National Waffle Day! Yes, it’s totally a thing, and if you’re looking to celebrate by sampling those delectable, versatile creations but want to keep the heat out of your summer kitchen, look no further than Waffle Mamas (a.k.a. Lauren Borucki and Jess Reynolds), who create made-from-scratch, “crave-able classics” that your mama used to make—but with their own special “waffle spin.” A food truck mainstay at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Waffle Mamas can also be found here, there, and everywhere, for those smart enough to follow them on social media. Food-fan faves include the fried chicken waffle sandwiches, stuffed cheesesteak waffles, and banana bread waffle sticks, all so delicious that they elevate mere walk-around food to an art form.

Punk_Rock_Flea_040719_Proof-5998 for BlogLike most food truck impresarios, Borucki and Reynolds are “run your own road” kinds of people. Translation: They don’t have professional training, either culinary or business-wise, and are propelled instead by obsessions with food, being their own bosses, and sharing good eats with the world. “We weren’t ever going to be truly happy working for someone else, and we have the drive, intelligence, and self-discipline to be entrepreneurs, so why not go into business for ourselves?” says Borucki. “While working full-time jobs, we spent years researching, educating ourselves, testing recipes, and saving money to be able to make this dream come true.” Dreams that the rest of us can happily tuck into with a fork and knife.

You can find out when Waffle Mamas is bringing their tasty goodness to a curbside near you by following them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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