Not only do CHSIR agents know our towns like the backs of their hands, but they very often play an active and vital role in our communities by donating their time and energies to organizations that give back. Below, agent Beth Kearns describes her involvement with One Simple Wish, a local charity that grants wishes and supports children in foster care by spreading love, hope, and joy to children who have been impacted by abuse, neglect, and trauma.

Bricks & Mortar: How did you become involved with One Simple Wish?
Beth Kearns: After meeting Danielle Gletow, the founder and executive director of O.S.W., and hearing about the daily challenges that children face in foster care, I found it almost impossible to sit on the sidelines without helping. As a Trenton Country Club board Member, I knew we had a great opportunity, community, and venue in which to help, and I was right.

B&M: How did that come to fruition?
B.K.: TCC came together to support One Simple Wish at the OSW Community Weekend, and it was amazing to see. The weekend kicked off with a “Wishful Drinking Party,” where Gletow educated TCC members on the OSW’s mission, and throughout the weekend, members responded with granting more than 100 wishes—a contribution totaling $25,000 to the organization. Members sponsored and participated in golf and tennis events, while many of their children decorated journals and filled Loved Bags, all of which were given to children entering or moving through foster care to make sure they know One Simple Wish is there to make their wishes come true, too.

B&M: Do you have a favorite moment?
B.K.: It’s hard to pick just one, but possibly my most memorable was when I donated towards funds needed for a child in foster care to attend camp. The child’s parent was supposed to have a meeting with the child, but never showed up. The thought of that child, sitting and waiting, literally broke my heart. To know that the money I donated helped the child attend a special camp while in foster care literally made my day, week, and month!

B&M: How can folks get involved?
B.K.: It’s so easy. You can grant a wish online—it takes less than five minutes to donate or grant a wish and know you are bringing a smile and letting these kids know that people care.”

Learn more at onesimplewish.org.

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