We love the opportunity to take a sneak peek into area homes and properties—and better yet, to hear firsthand from the owners why they truly love where they live. Lucky for us, we caught up with Anna and Bryce Roberts, and got the inside scoop on living the country life at their beloved home, Frogs Hollow, in Titusville, N.J.

When a work relocation brought the Roberts family to Pennington, N.J. from Atlanta, they thought it might be for a couple of years. But the Hopewell Valley quickly became home, and when the opportunity to leave arose … they were too smitten to go. Their children have grown up here and their friends and family surround. So sit back and enjoy our chat, and birds-eye view, of life at Frogs Hollow. 

DSC_5236 (1)
Their rescue dog, Rosie, in the library.

Bricks & Mortar: How did you choose your home?

Anna & Bryce Roberts: We are big fans of old, historic homes. Our farm had everything we were looking for: history, charm, land, and an opportunity to do something new. This was a big change for us. We moved from Pennington Borough, which we loved, so we were used to having close neighbors and just the house to keep up. Now we have acres of land, outbuildings, and an old stone house to take care of!  

DSC_7439 2
Lady Mary, Ms. March, Cora, and Jo are the lucky hens that call Frogs Hollow home and offer four eggs a day.

B&M: Have you made any major changes to the home or property? 

A&BR: We have made some significant improvements to the farmhouse. The house had great bones, but we needed to make some changes that would work for our family while also staying true to the nature of the house and property. We moved the kitchen to an addition at the back of the house, transformed the old kitchen into a large mudroom; converted a bedroom into the master bath; and added a central hallway to connect the upstairs bedrooms. It ended up being a lot of work, but it has made this house infinitely more livable. 

The master bathroom.

Outdoors we added a large bluestone patio with a stone fireplace built to match the stone of the farmhouse. It’s our favorite place to be on warm, spring mornings and cool, fall evenings. We also moved a dilapidated and falling-down chicken coop across the farm and converted it into an awesome garden shed! We have added a large and productive vegetable and flower garden that provides delicious produce and flowers through three seasons.

The farm’s roaring firepit.

B&M: What is the origin of the property’s name, Frogs Hollow?

A&BR: The frog has been our family mascot over the 20-plus years that Bryce and I have been married. We also started The Flower Frog after we began growing cut flowers last year, and continued this year. We sell them in arrangements at our honor stand and in bulk to anyone who wants to buy them. We are also opening an online boutique, theflowerfrog.com, where we will sell flower-related items including our Essential WorkShirt that we designed and had made in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Flower Frog arrangements are sold at their honor stand and by bulk.

B&M: What do you love most about your spot?

A&BR: We love the setting of this property. Living among the fields and forests of Hopewell Valley is simply lovely. We enjoy having a ton of space to enjoy being outdoors while still having neighbors along the road, and the close proximity to Pennington. We truly adore the old stone farmhouse! It has such history, character, and charm and the new kitchen has the most incredible view of the barn.  

Details in the kitchen.

B&M: What are your favorite things about the fall season?

A&BR: We are big fans of fall and winter, particularly at Frogs Hollow. Our house has several fireplaces and we like to use them all. The house also has steam heat which is a bit unusual but keeps the house super cozy. We love entertaining in the fall, whether its a barn party with a big bonfire or Friendsgiving on the patio by the fireplace. The farm is so beautiful when it has a cover of snow and, towards the end of winter, we love tapping our maple trees to make maple syrup. We also love taking our rescue dog, Rosie, out for walks on the trails we’ve cut in the woods. The creek is beautiful this time of year.

Outdoor dining at its finest.

And picking apples at Terhune is a must-do! We love picking out pumpkins at the farmstand just down the road from us to carve and place out on the old, moss-covered stone wall that connects to the house. 

Rosie, ready for winter.

For more information about the Roberts and their online boutique, visit theflowerfrog.com.


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